Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Different 45 Magnum

Normally I don't like posting photos from other blogs but you got to see this 45 that's on

When was the last time you saw American 12 spokes on a 45?... or at least what started out as a 45.

There's no info on the build so I'm going to guess at a few things. The frame is a WR or has been modified to look like one. Same for the WRTT oil tank. The top end sure looks like it's from a factory overhead hill climber but is likely Sportster with fabed up exposed rockers. I also noticed a small thing. The guy who built it, used chain links for the clips on the exhaust springs. My buddy Ironhead Ron likes to use them in such ways.

Use the link at the top of the post to see more neat details of the bike. Stuff like a Linkert mounted on the left side and a belt drive.