Thursday, April 19, 2012

Five Reasons to Commute by Motorcycle

Five Reasons to Commute by Motorcycle
A Guest Post by Chris White

While commuting to and from work by car and motorcycle both have their advantages, sometimes one is just more effective than the other depending on the circumstances, such as the weather, road conditions, and the number of you travelling – you’re not going to go on a family shopping trip on your CBR600 now are you? But without a doubt, travelling by motorbike is much more fun and far less frustrating!

Getting out on the open road and testing your bike to the limit around the twisty country roads or opening it up on the quiet straights make for a great feeling of freedom, but many of us don’t get the chance to get out on our bikes as often as we’d like. Work commitments stand in the way, family time prevents you from hitting the road as frequently as you’d like, and then there is the unpredictable weather which can turn the best motorcycling roads around into ice rinks with the briefest of showers.

One method of getting to ride your bike more often is to commute to work on it. Not only do you get to spend some time on your beloved machine, but you can actually have fun travelling to and from work. Here are five great reasons why you should commute to work on your motorbike:

Anyone who works in a city knows how congested the roads are on the way to and from work. Cars, vans and buses are bumper to bumper and you always have the image of your boss clearing his or her throat to yell at you when you stroll in late. By travelling in by bike you can filter your way through the traffic and also take advantage of the dedicated motorbike lanes that allow you to travel safely and arrive on time.

In some cities, such as London, road users are forced to pay congestion charges, a government initiative aimed at reducing the number of cars on the roads and trying to get people to use other methods of getting to work such as public transport or car sharing, (which still costs money). Using a motorbike in London is a way of avoiding this charge, and is just one reason why the motorcycle courier industry is so popular in the big cities. Also, bikes are much cheaper to run and insure than cars, so you can actually find yourself saving a significant amount of your pay packet.

We’re all being encouraged to “go green” wherever possible and motorbikes are much “greener” than cars, buses and vans, so you can think to yourself that you’re doing your bit to protect the environment by riding to work, (as well as having fun of course!) Sitting in traffic, cars emit harmful gases into the air. At least riding you have a smaller engine and can keep moving, reducing the amount of harmful emissions.

Finding somewhere to park in the city can be a long and difficult process, especially if you’ve then got to go off and pay to do so, which means it costs you to go to work. The same is true at offices, where you could end up parked a significant distance from the door – a nightmare if you’re late or if it’s lashing down with rain. Bike parking is often much more friendly with plenty of spaces, and the majority are much nearer the building too.

Of course, the main reason why you should commute to work by bike is to have some fun! As mentioned earlier, work and family commitments mean that many don’t get the chance to ride their beloved bikes as often as they would like, so putting on the leathers every morning and evening will make the trip to and from work much more fun.

Riding for many people is a way of life, a way of getting away from the stresses and strains of working life. Sitting in traffic every day makes for a lot of grumpy commuters, so combining your passion for motorbikes with the opportunity to ride around the traffic could make you much happier!

This article was written by Chris White, a motoring journalist with years of experience in the industry, currently working with uShip. Chris has covered a variety of motorcycling topics ranging from the latest bike and gear releases to covering races around the world and providing great tips for motorcycle riding.

Thanks for the great Article Chris!