Friday, April 27, 2012


I hadn't taken a camera to the swap meet for awhile. Here's a few from February.

These are the kinds of bikes I enjoy seeing in the parking lot. Especially the 45 solo.

A very nicely preserved Sturgis. I believe it's a '82. I like this one with the gold trim much more than the ones with the red/orange accents. More proof that even late model Shovels are aging gracefully.

The swap meet has a fairly large bicycle segment. There's usually a few interesting custom and or motorized bikes cruising the aisles. This is definitely one of the better ones.

The engine is a modified chinese knock off Honda industrial motor .

A kick to look at but, I can't get behind bikes like this. First it was fat beach ball rear tires, now it's tall fronts. What's the next silly trend going to be?

More bling in the lot.

Three amigos... or stooges.