Friday, April 6, 2012

Yes, I said WATERFALLS....

Roan Mountain

I leave Roan Mountain and Carver's Gap. I head for Bakersville to Dellingers Mill.  I've been here once before and find it very photogenic but it's grounds are no longer open to the public. Which leaves me pulling off the road in a little curve with my bike leaning on its jiffy stand just a tad into the traffic lane.  The traffic is light and I feel the risk is nominal.  See why I take the slight risks for these photos?

I leave Bakersville and head for Newland N.C.
Newland has a very nice little waterfall park that is maintained by their Volunteer Fire Department as well as a gardening club.  It's very, very relaxing. I'm a bit early in the year, but if you time things right you can be here when the shrubbery comes to bloom you have a wonderful display of nature and man's ability to bring it into a beautiful focus. will have to admit, the three sections of falls is a sight for winter blue eyes....

A great little waterfall park in Newland N.C.

I climb to the top level of the falls to find this little flat area where the stream gathered to fall and tumble down the face of the rocks.  I will come back to hike this area another day. For now, there are other water falls to visit.

Along the way at Big Toe River Road, I discovered this Cocoa Cola mural.  Not too shabby eh?

After stopping to photograph this I traversed down Big Toe River Road to 19E North then continued to to explore more places and roads I've never traveled.

As I traveled down a small un-remembered road I found this:

Solar Power Farm
Yes, a solar panel power farm. I was pleasantly surprised to find this in the countryside of Western North Carolina.

After finding my way back to a main road, I know I'm close to Linville Falls. It's been a few years since I last visited here, so I found my way back. Linville is beautiful. You'll have to agree!

This is the first view you get of the falls after a short walk of a half mile. It's gonna be stunning, you just know that when you get to the viewing area.

Time to leave Linville Falls and head up north toward home. Some back road views for ya....

This place had an odd collection of stuff. From wagons to English Phone booths...and giant rocking chairs...

I pulled off the road in the parking lot of a little country art store...I did it to let a car pass me, since I like to stop on dime to take photos...I pull off to let cars pass me all the time.  Look what I find in front of the art store.  Made me smile at my luck.  This IS in the middle of no where.

I've always admired this barn. I finally got the chance to grab a photo of it.

More Barn Quilts...

This is not the best of photos. I took it on the fly. I was getting ready to get on "THE SNAKE" (Highway 421 in Mountain City, TN.)

By the time I got to Shady Valley, I found some heavy rain. I rode in the rain for the next hour until I got home.  It was REALLY REALLY GREAT!