Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'ma Going to Berlin, To Mister Hitler's Town....

World War II German Sidecar

Round and Round Ole Hitler's Neck
by Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Millard Lampell

Now I wished I had a bushel
Wished I had a peck
Wished I had old Hitler
With a rope around his neck.
Hey, round, round Hitler's grave
Round, round we go
Gonna lay that poor boy down
He won't get up no more.
Mussolini [Hermann Goering] won't last long
Tell you the reason why
We're a-gonna salt his beef
And hang it up to dry.
The German army general staff
I guess they missed connection
Went a hundred miles a day
But in the wrong direction.
I'm a-goin' to Berlin
To Mister Hitler's town
I'm gonna take my forty-four
And blow his playhouse down.
How Hitler went to Russia
In search of Russian oil
But the only oil he'll find there
Is a pot in which he'll boil.
[Hitler said to Goering
Here's what he did say
I can't understand this Russian snow,
It's getting too hot for me.]
Now Mister Hitler's traveling mighty fast
But he's on a one-way [single] track
Started down that Moscow road
But now he's coming back