Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In the Pink 1972

Crowned, Americas Best Chopper (I believe at the Oakland Roadster Show 1972). The bike pretty well somes up the early 70's chopper ideal with features not all that common today. Stuff like pull backs and very long forks. In this case, rigid forks. Forks were getting so long and raked that many decided front suspension didn't work well anyway. Small brakeless 16 and 17 inch front wheels were the craze. No self respecting chopper didn't feature a molded frame. You had to have as much chrome as possible which sometimes (like here), included touches of gold. Pinks, magentas, and violets were much more common than on bikes seen now. Riding 2 up seemed a lot more common too. Oh yeah... rider and passenger in slick dress.