Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Through the Looking Glass

by Alison Clare Grills

One morning rising from your bed
A funny thought pops in your head
What fun you’d have if you could pass
Like Alice, through the looking glass

But your mirror is no magic door
Of that you feel you can be sure
The reflection shows no one but you
Then a hand snaps out and pulls you through
At first it seems like nothing’s changed
Then things begin to rearrange
It isn’t your house, or even your town
It seems the world’s turned upside down

The moon’s bright red, the sun is blue
Grass is purple, leaves are too
Birds all crawl on claw and wing
While cats and dogs both fly and sing

North is south and left is right
Hot is cold and day is night
Yes means no and go means stop
In is out and bottom’s top

Dark is light and good is bad
Wet is dry, happy is sad
Big is small and high is low
Loud is soft and fast is slow

Your head begins to spin and ache
This is much more than you can take
Feeling confused and so alone
You close your eyes and think of home

The air around you starts to shift
You feel you’re being cast adrift
While falling up you look around
Below is sky, above is ground

Your face about to hit the dirt
This crazy world seems to revert
Soft pillows now support your head
As you bounce awake in your own bed

You think at first "Twas just a dream"
Then notice things aren’t as they seem
You’re wearing shoes beneath the sheet
And they’re on your hands ‘stead of your feet