Monday, September 8, 2008

Good Thing I Get To Ride To Work

I get to start riding to work once a week again.  Lady Luck is teaching a class one night a week, which means I'm on my own for transportation those days.

And good thing too, because I'm starting to get fed up with my benevolent employer.  I have noticed a distinct change in office-friendliness.  Management will come through the office greeting everyone (including my cube-neighbors), but pass my desk without a word.  The new hires have all been introduced to everyone on the team.

Except me.  

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be my usual paranoia messing with me.  I have been dissed repeatedly and regularly.  I've wondered, like any employee would, if I'd done something to cause this treatment, or if it's just my turn in the barrel.  

I have also had to apply some smackdown to a couple of my "team" members who apparently thought they could walk all over me because I'm a nice guy who doesn't scream profanities too often.  They are now, of course, straightened out on that issue.

Lady Luck suggested I go to my boss (who is a good guy) and ask him what the deal is, straight up, though neither of us is sure if it would be a wise move.

But, you know, I have a rule: If my office is too much like high school all over, it's time for a new damn job.

This is something of a dilemma,  because I had wanted to keep this job until I got my business going full time.  So do I tough it out, or start job hunting?  A new job isn't really appealing, because "Jobs" and "Lucky" seem to be incompatible entities.

It makes me wonder if my job would have been enjoyable as long as it was if I hadn't been riding to work every day.  I think all of us are aware of the mood-enhancing abilities of motorcycles.  Could the biker's high have blinded me to my employment realities?  I hope not...

For the time being, I guess I'm going to put my head down, work extra hard to get my projects completed and try to stay positive.

I guess this is all the long way of saying, "I'm glad I get to ride to work now and then."