Monday, September 8, 2008

Some History

I hadn't seen this photo or talked to Greg Parigian in 35 years. About three years ago, he guessed that I might still be into this stuff so, he looked me up via the internet, and mailed me this photo. He also sent me copies of two drawings I had done back then that he still had . We use to build chopper models and work on our bikes together. This was the second version of both bikes. His raked stretched frame with the forward pedals was one of the first of it's kind. Greg's mom took this picture in their backyard in Inglewood, CA (dated 1968). Their family moved not long after this photo was taken and I hadn't talk to or seen him since 1969. We finally met face to face at the Dec. 2006 Chopperfest in Ventura CA. Recently, he sent me photos of his Harley with a frame he made featuring an innovative softail-like suspension of his own design.