Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Smokeout pic of the day

This bike gets my vote for the 2nd best bike at the Smokeout West 3 and it wasn't in the show.

Period perfect! Looks like it's off the pages of a 1969-70 Big Bike magazine.

It's so cool, I'm starting to question if it was the best bike there.
I only have some minor taste/choice issues with the fork brace, the long risers, and maybe the bars. The long risers would look better if he used a 1948-59 top tree that had the wider distance between the mounts. A cool way to raise the bars is to use the stock 1960-72? handlebar riser with dog bones for extra height, similar to Fonda's Captain America but, his used the earlier 1948-59 risers.

More SOW3 pics. to come.