Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why I Want A Macaw

I've always thought birds were pretty neat, and birds that can talk are even cooler.  I'm far from an expert, though, so if I say something stupid or wrong in this post, please forgive me (and correct me in the comments).  Recently I started reading up on "parrots" from budgies to hyacinth macaws.  

They. Are. Neat.

These birds are remarkably smart, playful and mischievous.  They like puzzles, and will take things apart just to keep themselves occupied.  And the bigger ones won't take any crap from cats.

Of course, my two cats are the primary reason I will not be getting a pet bird - at least until I can figure out a way to keep them segregated.  The bigger birds can torment a cat, and the cats can torment a littler bird.  I don't want freaked out animals in my house, so bird-acquisition is definitely on hold.

All the same, parrots tickle my fancy and I've been harassing Lady Luck about what life will be like when I get my budgie/cockatoo/macaw named "Killer."

And I think these video clips sum up why a parrot would make a great pet for me.

Sportbike loving macaw:

Harley loving macaw (mute if you don't like the song "Free Bird"):