Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Avoiding Work on the VX800

Now that the whole novelling thing is over (until rewriting begins), I suddenly find myself short of excuses to not do other projects. I've got about a million things around the house that need to get done, as well as a mess of personal projects that have been neglected.

At the top of the pile of personal projects I haven't done much with is getting the VX800 running.

I had a great excuse for not working on it for the last several months: heat. Oh, and the garage was a huge mess, and I couldn't get to the bike.

Except it's not hot out there anymore, and Lady Luck and I cleaned the garage out, so there's tons of room to work.

Local UTMC-brothah Wycked made a sweet tool for me to get at the troublesome bolt, and it works pretty well. It's still a horrible, piddly chore that I can only handle for about 15 minutes at a time, but a few more 15 minute bursts and I should have the darn thing tightened up.

And then I have to get the rest of the bike together again. See, in order to use the tool Wycked made, we had to pull off a hose and fitting, and those are going to have to get back on the bike somehow. After that, I'll put water in the radiator and see if the fix worked or not.

...And then I have to try and get the thing to run.

It's so much easier to just avoid it all together.