Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mini Bike Mania

For kids, this time of year used to mean dreaming of a Mini Bike for Christmas.

In 1969, I wanted and got a Taco for Xmas but, I had to pay for most of it. It was a 44 like the one in the upper right.

The traditional Mini Bikes of the sixties and early seventies were the original outlaw machines that got a lot of us started on bikes and as gearheads.

Vava-voom! What adolescent male wouldn't get revved up? Former playmate of the year June Cochran (1963), on a Rupp. Later, June joined Linda Vaughn as one of the Hurstettes. June died May 21, 2004. Getting old sucks!

I only like lawnmower engine powered small wheeled minis, not mini motorcycles. I also don't care for most of today's mini choppers. Most are too big, ugly and stupid.

Damn. I use to have this and a few other Mini Bike Guides

Choppers, Trikes, and Minis were big then. What kid in the 60-70's wouldn't go ape for this rig? I did.

I still love'm. Recently, I've collected several Tacos and a couple others that need to be restored.

I'll post more mini bike stuff later.