Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dragon Bike, Tank Art of the Week & Celebrity Bikers

Here's a 5fer. The Dragon, Tank Art, and 3 Celebs, well sort of.

These tanks belong to a friend of a friend who claims to have 80-90% of the original Wild Angels Dragon bike. I told him, "you got to put it back together"! The dude has a lot of projects on his plate but, I think the Dragon merits top of the list.

It's thought that the Dragon was painted by Von Dutch. Sure looks like one of his creatures to me. Hope these tanks don't get repainted just because they have some chips.

Movie still poster. It's not the best shot but, you can see it's the same dragon art.

Smoking Dragon. Although it's harder to see, this shot's cooler.

Fondue and the Dernster. Ripped from unknown Blog

Cool Movieland Replica Dragon but, why the dark gray/green dragon tanks and shorter unsprung seat? Photo ripped from Born Loser M/C

The Born Loser M/C blog has this bike for sale right now. There's a ton of Captain Americas and some Billy Bikes but, why no Dragons? I'd choose a Dragon.

Here's what appears to be a post card from the Movieland Wax Museum (Buena Park, CA). That's the same bike for sale now. Check my previous post dated Nov. 12. for a similar photo.

She's wax! That explains the deer in the headlights look.