Thursday, September 10, 2009


Not A Bobber Part 3

Again, I'm only dissing bikes that were found labeled as Bobbers that I think shouldn't be. Photos were lifted for the purposes of education and clarification of course.

Bobber. I'm really digging this '62.

Not a Bobber Lots of dudes call this Old School, but until recently, this type of bike never existed. They might be fine for an old Hot Rod or if you're parading in a clown costume , but sorry folks, Red Wheels and White Walls are cornball on bikes.

Bobber. Obvious stolen picture.

Not a Bobber. For some reason many dudes think white walls make it a Bobber. I'd call this a custom, and a fugly one at that.

It's likely a touchy subject and just my opinion so, have I pissed anyone off, will I loses any readers?

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