Monday, June 28, 2010


Saturday, June 26th I had volunteered to shoot pictures for my local Southern Cruisers Riding Club. Chapter 77 of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club holds a yearly get together here in Johnson City, TN and it's known as "THE RIDGE RUNNER." Other chapters of the Riding Club come from all over the United States to attend the event. I was introduced to a couple who came from Canada! I had heard of a few coming in from Texas, and a lot more were from GA.

I came into the parking lot of the Best Western and found Beth, who was coordinating the event as well as leading the Dice Run. It was good to speak to her, as well as to have a few words with Ellen. She was volunteering to man the sign up table...and if I'm not mistaken she was also manning a die table further into the ride!

I set about meandering the huge parking lot, taking pictures of the groups of people and their bikes. Finding myself being introduced to a few people here and there, and completely enjoying the great folks who came to our region to ride and have fun in the company of fellow riders and bikers! One of the best reasons to enjoy the Southern Cruisers, is they don't tell ya what bike to like, or what brand to ride! Everyone is welcome to join the Southern Cruisers!

Looking around the parking lot, I was surprised at the amount of bikers who were signed up and ready to ride. I would estimate about 90 bikes, and perhaps about 130 riders! The proceeds of the Dice Run were slated to go to the charity. There were T-Shirts for sale and of course there was the adventure of a ride to an unknown destination, through the back roads of VA. That's what we all seem to love about our area here in the Tri-Cities: we have an abundance of the best riding available in the East.

Kick stands up at 9:30, we had a police escort from the Hotel in Johnson City to our next destination; The Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol Tennessee. It was a wonderful touch, Beth. You don't know how much we in the back of the group appreciated having officers to help keep the riders safe through red lights and the group riding together all the way into Bristol!

This was so much fun riding into the speedway! They left one gate open for our group to enter into the track area. We were allowed to see the track from the grandstands only this year, due to maintenance being performed on the track. Still it was an inspiring sight to view the "WORLDS FASTEST HALF MILE" up close and personal. The dice throw was in the Smith Building where head quarters and the souvenir shop are located.

Hey, Dale...will ya watch my bike for me while I go to the souvenir shop?

The following photo shows the guys and gals of the Dice Run lined up ready to leave Bristol Motor Speedway. Police escort all the way through town in Tennessee, and then at State Street, Bristol VA. police escorted us to Black Wolf Harley Davidson.

I left Black Wolf HD before the main body of the group. My mission was to forge ahead, locate a suitable place to catch the riders as they came down US-58. "THE CROOKED TRAIL".

I found the perfect place to lie in the grass and shoot from...but had a bit of a problem with the fast shutter program! YIKES...sorry kiddies, I did what I could with what was happening...I tested and tested before you guys got to my position...I failed to let the auto fast shutter run for more than a few seconds during the testing stage. But...I still have some fab photos. If you'd like to see the entire album click here!

I did not follow the group from there...(there were 2 more scheduled dice stops,) I needed to get home....but Southern was a pleasure to ride with you! Looking forward to more great rides!