Sunday, September 11, 2011

Harley-Davidson "No Cages" Ad Excitement

Harley-Davidson has a couple of new commercials out that are different. The theme is "No Cages." Now we all know what the term cages means. But take a look at this article from Clutch and Chrome and view the two new Harley commercials. Harley wants you to get out of your cage. Here's an excerpt:

    "While the battle between those who love Harley-Davidson's and others who don’t (sometimes with a passion) one thing is for sure, the most famous motorcycle company in the world certainly knows how to produce a commercial. The latest advertisement set in the theme of 'No Cages' was seen this week in the season premiere of the highly popular FX motorcycle drama 'Sons of Anarchy'." -- Digits from Clutch and Chrome
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