Sunday, September 11, 2011


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On Sept 10th, I backed the bike out of the carport warmed her up nice, and took a little spin downtown to the local CRUISE IN. I love this town and when you see these photos, you'll understand.

Elizibethton, Tennessee is not exactly a sleepy little town, nor is it an industrial town. It's just a town with loads of history, a very cool covered bridge, an old "downtown" section perfect for hosting a cruise in. Every Saturday form May to October, from 5PM to 9PM the owners of beautiful antique and classic cars gather to show off the pride of their garages. They'll set up shop on the covered sidewalk, they will back their beauties into the curb with the nose pointing to the street.

Traffic is blocked off to be 1 lane and everyone knows this ain't no drag race. It's a quaint town with American Flags waving outside the doors of the local antique and furniture stores. There is cool 60's music piped through the overhead sound system all up and down the street, and folks are just smiling and enjoying the cars, the company of their neighbors and the guests like me who come to ogle the cake.

The 1st car to catch my eye was this little Camero.

Then all bets were off from there. Every step took me from one beauty to the next. What do I photograph? What will I leave alone? (I forgot to charge my camera battery before I left. I needed to be frugal.) Well, the following shots are the ones I chose, some didn't make it in because of lighting others because of shadows, but damn near every car on that 3 block stretch should be highlighted, cuz these folks are spending hard earned money and loads of time fixing these sweeties for our enjoyment.

Are ya ready for some sweet machines?

This is just a teaser for y'all. I'll post more during the week. I do hope you enjoy the photos. I had a great time at the cruse in, hope y'all will come to my little town and check it out!