Monday, February 13, 2012

BAJAJ PULSAR P200NS Replicate HONDA CB 1000??

otoMan friend, this time we will discuss about BAJAJ PULSAR P200NS still, why the question like that? because until now is still a lot P200Ns duinia talking about virtual (internet).
therefore, I do not want to miss the news hehehh ^ _ ^. This time I tried to compare between the HONDA CB 1000 by BAJAJ PULSAR P200NS.
certainly not in terms of performance hahaha, that in terms of performance is not in doubt 1000cc vs. 200cc,,,
now we will only discuss the design concept in stretcher by Bajaj Pulsar P200NS, because according to several sources both these bikes have some similarities, what are they?? let us refer to >>>
some design touches briefly P200Ns is much similar to the Honda CB1000, maybe this is what makes P200Ns look amazing and muscular.
deltabox attached to a solid chassis and accompanying form curves incredible amazing.
not only that, the shape of the headlamp to handlebar position plus the tank shape, almost have the same tilt angle.
only difference in each of the parts are in use by both the bike.
if Upside Down HONDA CB1000 uses another case with telescopic P200NS are still using.
swinging arm was still stereo, while the CB1000 is a single arm.
in fact there are many more similarities that I can not write one on one pelk eg, machinery and others.
and what is actually perceived similar between both,?

similarity was seen once a very conspicuous among the other part-part, it lies in the headlamp design. similarity is only visible from the physical only, while the part in it such as dusk light and high beam lamp is very different.
BAJAJ producers said "we do not have the slightest intention to copy or mimic other forms of product design, but if there is only a factor of chance acidity"
but the second form of these motors are similar and have the privilege of each, ok
Ottoman friend so first thing I wrote,, may be useful and could be material Referrals,, ok (otoMan)