Monday, February 13, 2012

First Ride Impressions Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

otoMan friend, this time we will discuss about the test ride or take more precise ride firs. certainly not an attempt otoMan is because there is no bike in Indonesia.
I tried to summarize the various sources of automotive medai in India, for example from MotoBeam, Overdrive, Zigwheels and xBHP.
after I read some articles that exist in cyberspace, most of whom were talking about BAJAJ P200NS, appeared a few questions in my heart.
questions that seem similar to what's on your minds, that is "How the heck performadan headling the latest variant of the BAJAJ PULSAR?"
to answer this anxiety I'm trying to summarize it special for his otoMan. These results firs ride otoMan version:

I first summarized from zigwheels:

P200NS seat (higher 8cm) and tank design variants PULSAR comfortable than the old one ..
Nice gear shift from gear 3,4,5 at 9500 rpm ~ 10,000. and coupling P200 also can be said lightly.
Handling CBR 250 is awesome but P200NS also noteworthy.

The second of Motorbeam:

Lively and P200NS be quite as easy as it drove up P135
P200NS smooth and responsive engine, power and torque evenly in all the gear, even with the gear position 6 can be used for speeds of 30 kph to 140 kph ...!!?
Handlingnya nice but still below the KTM Duke 200 ...
P200NS good braking ...

the third from Overdrive:

P200NS very different from the previous Pulsar engine, especially in the sector a better gearbox without any problems.
Still slightly below the KTM Duke and enginenya performance.
Braking is good P200NS
Manufacturer's standard tires are harder, more tender and Yamaha R15 Bajaj seems to soft compound provides an optional choice ... of course the price will be different ... because the bike with a lightweight chassis and smooth power when using hard tires will be felt at the "hard" it ...
P200NS slowly around the corner when handling similar to the old pulsar.
More light and agile.

the latter that is of xBHP:

if the former variant was noisy PULSAR P200NS take more silent.
the gear shift could be better than the old version.
smooth gear shift, with no errors.
traction is very responsive.

how friend otoMan, was satisfied with the summary above, we wait for months if P200Ns will enter Indonesia? and we can directly test ride hahah (otoMan)