Saturday, February 18, 2012

BMW Intend Husqvarna Factory Move to India

otoMan friends this time we will discuss a bit about the BMW Motorrad.
recently came the news that they would move the plant into a country? but which country they nominate, let's discuss >>
BMW Motorrad, Husqvarna's parent company reportedly is considering plans to move production base to India.
This reminds us of a Harley Davidson which now also has assembly facilities in India. The reason is simple, Harley wanted to suppress the production costs and expand markets.
The difference, Harley Davidson spare part is still manufactured in Milwaukee, USA. While BMW plans to not only intends to set up assembly plants but also spare parts production plant components.
so, later estimated pure Husqvarna made ​​in India.
For whatever reason if you really want to move the BMW production process Husqvarna from Italy to India. Is this the German bike manufacturer intends to reduce the cost of production, or may also want to explore the Asian market ...?
Husqvarna plans can be entered into India has something to do with their rivals the KTM. As we know KTM is currently working with Bajaj to create quality yet inexpensive bike.
One is the KTM Duke 125/200 which is the first bike with the marriage Bajaj KTM.
Is the Husqvarna also intends to build a rival bike KTM Duke 200 and berencna built alliances with other manufacturers?
the answer we'll see,, what will be done by the otoMan Husqvarna.sekian first friends.
membang discussion this time was a bit confusing but hopefully can be berguna.amin information. (otoMan)