Friday, February 17, 2012

Heinkel Tourist a scooter rare that expensive

otoMan friends this time we will discuss about a bike scooter that is very rare.
a scooter that only in the production of its time alone.
Heinkel Tourist scooter is kind of unique. Manufacturers are beginning to produce advanced aircraft in the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) during World War-2.
After the German defeat, the new Heinkel started producing scooters in 1953 nicknamed the Heinkel Tourist. Many variants, there are 101 series A0 (1953-1954), 102 A1 (1954-1955), 103 A0 (1955-1957), 103 A1 (1957-1960), and 103 A2 (1960-1965).
according to some sources, scooters are only a few are still well maintained.
Motor proclaim this in more expensive than the Vespa and Lambretta. Even in England bike is usually called the Rolls-Royce of Scooters.
otoMan friends so I can give information. hopefully can be useful information. (otoMan)