Friday, February 3, 2012

harley davidson sofail 2011

Contezt modification event in Jogja Bike Rendesvous (JBR) is always an agenda Dodi Chrome Cycle (DCC) and never missed baseball. Understandably during follow contezt special modification of this motor, Dodi Irhas the builder always bring home the trophy.

"Since 2005 following the modification event at JBR, for a reliable motor I always take home more than a trophy," Dodi said the workshop is located at Jl. Duta Permai VIII/16 Pondok Hijau, Ciputat, Tangerang. So, it's tradition of champions in the event DCC JBR.

Success is also repeated on Mulyadi's HD Custom Softail this. Custom made by a drop in JBR 2011 and could be a winner in the Pro Street class and the best bonuses in the painting are also made to achieve given the name Justice For All is. The theme of the paint according to the theme of this edition of the sleek MOTOR Plus.

"The idea is a modification of the imagination am I trying to develop. So if you see this bike does not replicate and truly original idea, "said Dodi familiar greeting custom bike builder who likes the European style.

Armed with a 1340 cc engine is stock HD, Dodi try to be creative through different parts of the motor. "Made a minimalist, but still cool and functional," said Dodi again.

Such order, relying on changes to the model that baseball dewek usual custom applied HD. Down tube accidentally use an iron pipe size larger.
The middle order also looks simple and the bottom of an empty seat monitored. This is because the position of the oil tube is made hiding places. Moved on the order centerbone.

Most sip selection for color and graphic design. Accidentally select the color that is usually used HD custom baseball. In bantu Mafid Gegana Indy, owner of Custom Paint Aikon selected basic color baby blue.

For striping design, creative Mafid combine graphics and realistic themes. Because the owner of the motor of a lawyer, carry a picture realist themes related to justice. Combine red and yellow graphics, while the black color options in detail the motor to make more body colors look elegant. (

Rims: Performance Machine Domino
Tires: Metzeler
Transmission: 5 Speed ​​RSD Hause Power
Primary Kit: BDL
Dodi Chrome Cycle: (021) 7411278