Friday, February 3, 2012

Harley-Davidson S&S Knucklehead 2009 New Old Stock Engine (Bali)

Otoman companions this time we will discuss about the modification MOGE.
Engine Harley-Davidson (HD) Knucklehead types including the most hunted kitchen runway HD lovers. Naturally, if the second generation machine, which was launched between 1936 to 1947 after the Flathead type, make Gus Agus crazy to have it.

"The engine of this type were not many. Besides having a classic design and unique, the resulting engine power was so tremendous, "Gus proud community leader Agus Custom Chopper Heroes of Bali.

This is part of the reason Agus liked the character Knucklehead engine. Although the original machine hunted hard HD now. "But I choose Knucklehead engine aftermarket products that have been launched by S & S," continued the man was friendly as he said this made ​​2009 a replica of the machine.

Aftermarket engine wear, according to Agus many advantages. The new material is more durable and clearly too powerful. Most importantly no longer troubled by the seepage of oil like the old Motorcycle.

Capital machinery so the base material Agus who rely on custom-made ngebangun stock HD Softail gearbox. Streams selected modern classic chopper to adjust to the type of machine. "This change is most fitting to the Knucklehead engine," explained the man likes arable Japanese Motorcycle builder.

To assist the process of working on the Motorcycle, Agus entrusted to Bongluck Custom home modifications that are in Denpasar, Bali. "I gather his part, while Nyoman Bongluck including the builder who assembles the components to make a complete Motorcycle," said Agus.

Unwilling to bother with the change order, Gus Agus also relies on Ultima made ​​aftermarket frame. Aka hardtail rigid frame design is sustained Springer front fork with a classic look increasingly thick chopper. "Although the chopper classic, modern impression is still visible," said the man who also joined in the HOG-Bali.
Such as braking systems that rely on the use of disk brake model. Most sip seen rear brake design. Sporket section also functions as a disk brake. "I hunt sprocket rotor is part of a builder in Japan," continued the man who frequently visit the country Sunrise.

In addition to rotor sprocket, some part of aftermarketnya also rely on a Japanese builder. Starting from the head lamp, stop lamp, and the foot rest. "If the oil tank that I use this product Moon Eyes," pointed out the man who once around Bali with this customnya HD.

On the steering wheel, Agus deliberately chose a wide-profile tires. He wanted a simple classic look with tires pamakaian level. Not one that the choice fell on the steering wheel ring 21 inches for front and rear wheels.

Simple impression also comes from choosing a minimalist body design. As the use of tanks Peanut model which has only 8 liters capacity. Combined with a simple rear fender is mounted tightly to the rear wheels.

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Tires: Metzeler 21/100/80
Rims: 21 inch Aftermarket
Seat: Custom Bongluck
Exhaust: Custom Bongluck
Handlebar: Sportster

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