Friday, February 3, 2012

threat motorcycle india

Otoman friend, this time we will discuss about the news that are popular in cyberspace, it just happens,,
threat motorcycle india  india motorcycle threat of Japanese motorcycles are ongoing,
india manufacturer seems to have removed the fangs,, is attested by the diadakanya BAJAJ cooperation between the parties with the KTM,, plus the products they produce truly exceptional ,, ^ _ ^

recently released the BAJAJ PULSAR motor 200ns newest automotive world that is horrendous any ni,, because a good desainny interesting and very different from the others,, manufacturer from india this really should not be considered lightly by the Japanese manufacturer , until recently blm Japanese manufacturer released its fangs again, the HONDA, YMAHA, SUZUKI, etc.,,, they can only their thumbs to PULSAR 200ns,, it illustrates that the Japanese manufacturer is still hidden under their blankets, if when the PULSAR 200ns it really makes Indonesia they still remain silent? we'll see what and how reponnya terjhadi?
ok so first discussion of this fellow (Otoman)