Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nasty Nesbit Choppers

Here's some old photos of Nasty Nez's bikes. The first three images are courtesy of Joe Hurst.

Nez's Knucklehead. Probably taken at Dick Allen's shop around '68-69. That's Dick's chrome frame chopper and Joe's wheelie pulling buddy Steve Drale's panhead in the background. Note, both bikes have their primaries removed.

Nez's Shovelhead. I'm guessing it's the same bike below. The twisted sissy features the "South Bay Swoop".

"Confusion". The tanks are not chromed in this version from a magazine. What confuses me is, why run almost the same angle photo twice, and the comment about '69 heads (whatever they are?).

Ladies Like'em Long Phase III style. Nez is the guy responsible for Phase III Belt Drives. This image is from one of their ads. It's probably safe to say Nez liked girders. At this point his bike is taking on a more of a White Bear/Southbay look.