Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring at Wheels Through Time

I seriously don't like the new format for writing the blogs. I guess I'm a dinosaur. But what's to do?  Get over it and move along.

Yes, sir...

On Saturday, April 14th, I loaded the bike and headed down to my favorite museum, Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  The ride down was an eye opener. It appears that at least 2 of the old buildings I admire have been brought down and devoured by the demons that scour the countryside paying well for "old barn wood".  Two of the buildings I would stop to grab a few snap shots of my bike in front of are GONE.  The first one is nothing but a rubble of concreate from the foundation being ripped up. Everything else that even suggested there was a great old wood building there was gone.  Amazing.

This is now nothing but concrete rubble

The next building was a very strange one. I have featured it here before, with the question of "What would this have been used for?"  It too is totally gone. Not a stick of wood is left. Not a shred of evidence that it stood in the place I last saw it at remains.  Not even old plumbing, windows, NOTHING. It's just gone. An empty field there now. How sad.

As I drive along on my way to Maggie Valley, I'm comforted to find that SOME of the great scenery is still intact, but I have noticed that there are 3 of the old trucks that were "abandoned" on the roadside are GONE!  But there are a few still here:

Thank goodness, some things are still here...

Luckily, some things don't change....LUCK N.C.

I arrive at Maggie Valley at about 12 PM.  As I sit in the filling parking lot, I see this very cool little "car" on a trailer.

This is the engine in that "car" Cool eh?

I walk around this vehicle and realize how lucky I am to see it. We will never see another one, I'm sure of this.  But lingering around this car won't get me more photos. I'm inside and paying the entry fee. I pass through the entryway and turn to my left. I've learned to go the oppisite direction of the suggested traffic pattern.  You see the last of the museum with fresh eyes.  This is beautiful museum that holds more things one can view is just a few visits.  I come as often as I can. I love this place. So much to see, so much to do, so many cool people to meet.  Life is good!

This one cylinder Apache greets you

Now this: Do ya know what it is?  

The Mighty Thor...

I've seen this a couple of times over near the "Chopper Graveyard" display. I never thought to photograph it.  I did this time.  It's so reflective of the late 60's and early 70's. My time line...I "GET" this paint job on this...do you?

After grabbing the mushroom photo, I walk down the path a ways...I walk between and behind the beauties on display and take this photo.

This is another shot I've been wanting to grab, yet never seemed to be able to get it JUST RIGHT.  Even now...it's not "JUST RIGHT"  but it's better then the rest of the previous shots.

I turn around and walk into the next display. I believe this is "Swim's Harley Davidson".

What do ya think of the POLITICALLY INCORRECT gas tank? Me? I'm a product  of this time period, and I think it's GREAT!

I will never tire of this view. It's from the Mezzanine, looking down.

And this shot...is now one of my most favorite shots.  It's a new work room for our hosts: Matt and Dale Walksler.  Of course, it's not meant to replace the REAL work area with the modern lifts and such, but...don't ya think this is cool?

Loads of cool displays for us all to check out. Thousands...too many to show you in just one or two postings.

But all good days end...as does this one. I rode in the dark to my next destination from here.  Good night my friends.